ISPN Community members can find and connect with other each other here.

To access Member Connect:

Login  » My Activities: Member Connect


Login  » Participate: Member Connect

Access to Member Connect requires a valid member login for access.

Members can be searched by:

  1. Member Name
  2. Advance Search: Company Name

Send a Message

To send a message to the member selected, click on the “Send a message” link provided on the Member Profile page. For security, the system will send your message as an in-mail. Member receives a notification with a link to login to the ISPN Member’s Area to read/reply to the message.

My Messages

A member’s messages can be accessed on Account Home page. Messages are found in the Inbox, where one can:

  1. Reply 
  2. Mark as read 
  3. Delete, or 
  4. Mark as spam